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Primo Products


Graeme — Tech and Font Guru

Graeme can make your images work, because he knows about file formats, fonts and other magic. He enjoys exceeding expectations.



Rosanne — Developer and Customer Service

Rosanne makes a good cup of tea. And is helping improve the website. Answers the phone and your emails.



Becky — Customer Service

Becky is rapidly becoming the brains behind this business. She will help you with your orders and any questions.


MCK Design & Print Ltd


MCK Design & Print - Design Company

We have all the crew at MCK Design & Print to call on when we get really busy, or if your designs are particularly specialised.



Why buy from us?

  • Our pricing is transparent.
  • See your price—you can see how much your products and branding is going to cost without having to go through the “send me a quote” rigmarole (we are willing to provide a quote, of course).
  • We have no hidden artwork charges, but are happy to help you with designs to make the most of our products.
  • We are very low cost! As we are an internet-only business, we don’t have the overheads of other promotional product companies.
  • We can make it work! Our staff come from both computer science and graphics/printing backgrounds, which means that we can make sure your artwork is going to work with the minimum of time and fuss (which means less cost for you!)
  • We have a money-back guarantee!